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Lori Bliss Tambone


Lori Bliss Tambone is a Professional Engineer and co-founder of Tambone and related entities. Her area of expertise includes site plan analysis, project cost estimates and bids, feasibility studies of new projects, platting and zoning activities, tenant improvements, and organization of the design team for projects. Lori is responsible for bringing each project through every phase – from design, engineering, permitting, and construction through occupancy. In this capacity, she also manages the diverse team of project managers, contractors, and support personnel in the various regional offices, as well as overseeing the general office administration.

Originally from Satellite Beach, Florida, Lori was employed by United Space Boosters, Inc. as a Hydraulic Engineer at the Kennedy Space Center from 1982-1984, where she worked on space shuttle boosters and supervised technicians performing installation and maintenance of the Thrust Vector Control System. From 1984-1987, she was Vice President of James D. Carlton, Inc., an engineering firm in Palm Beach County. While there, she was responsible for the engineering design of land development for residential and commercial projects, including construction plans for water mains, sanitary sewer lines, and paving and drainage plans. She also represented the company as City Engineer for the City of Atlantis. In this capacity, she expanded her expertise in field inspections and structural analysis of concrete and steel structures, and was responsible for interfacing with clients and county/city officials. Lori was also employed by Howard L. Searcy, Inc. as an Engineering Associate and provided technical expertise and project management in the following areas: water resource analysis, site plan analysis, project cost estimates and feasibility studies, surface water management planning and design, platting and zoning, development of regional impact reports, environmental planning, permit acquisitions (state and local governments), design of land improvement facilities, and engineering coordination of governmental activities.

Lori brings over 30 years of engineering, administration, and management experience to the company and to her involvement with community activities. Lori holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering from the University of Central Florida. She became a registered Professional Engineer in Florida in 1987 and in Massachusetts in 1995. She is also a registered real estate broker in Massachusetts and in Florida.

Phoenix Is Rising

Serving As a Board Member and Independent Director

Phoenix is Rising Inc was formed in early 2016 as a sec. 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity. Its mission is to aid combat veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, fund retreats specifically for these veterans and to build significance awareness across communities, thereby enabling the growth of this critical grass roots care for our heroes.

For more information, please go to www.PhoenixisRising.org.


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